Erotic Advent by Raven Anxo

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Erotic Advent (2)

Christmas found us snowed in, cut off from the outside world for a while at least. Fortunately everything for the big day had been brought and stowed away before Mother Nature threw her hissy fit. For three days Geoff and I had tipped toed around one another, the sexual tension between us building. How long it would be before one of us exploded I had no clue, but the situation couldn’t continue on indefinitely.

Deciding to get an early start on the Christmas day veg I head into the kitchen and start working, anything to try and calm my body and mind down. A foolish hope as Geoff walks in heading to the fridge. Shifting so as to try and get out of his way our bodies touch briefly. Eyes locking I see fire in his before I end up plastered against the wall. A low groan escapes from my…

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