Erotic Advent by Ethan Radcliff

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Erotic Advent (1)

I got home after work a very hard day

Tired and sad

Wanting to sleep Christmas Eve away

Sound pretty bad?

Leftovers for dinner is what I had

No tree here for me

I put on my robe stripped off my clothes

Sat and watched TV

Show after show all glitter and glow

Across my screen

A message did appear

It said for good time

Call me here

I had nothing to lose so I grabbed the phone

She answered so mellow

“Hi are you all alone big fella,” she said

“Yes seems bad?”

“Well for a few extra dollars,” she said

“I’ll make you glad.”

A smile came to my lonely face at her words

A lucky fellow?

Can there really be some joy for us nerds

She was at my door

In minutes wrapped in red then in my bed

Clothes to the floor

Cock went deep into…

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