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Hi all 👋

Wishing you each a Happy New Year! Let’s hope it’s full of some great times & memories… Peace, happiness and love… Debs xox

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A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,900 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

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Books Connect the Human Race (Part 2 of 2)

Simple Complexities

Photo of this cover by cliff1066 via Flickr Photo of this cover by cliff1066 via Flickr

Nevertheless there must be something more to the book mystery. Why not just go out and travel the world if discovery and experience are so important to you? Another dimension of the allure of the published word is the effort involved in reading and the lust for cognizant activity.

The act of reading is an act of learning. Every time an eye peruses a page of written text, the brain whips into action; picking out unknown words, new ways of speaking, new ideas, etc. It requires concentration and a willingness to struggle with tough concepts. Many people who reject the hobby of reading complain that it is “too much work”—that they can receive the experience encased in the syntax and diction through much easier means. These people are Walker Percy’s proverbial consumers. “The consumer is content to receive an experience…

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Books Connect the Human Race (Part 1 of 2)

Simple Complexities

Picture by nSeika via Flickr Picture by nSeika via Flickr

We live in an age where there is a vast multitude of ways to entertain ourselves. Of the hundreds of channels on TV, most run programming twenty-four hours a day. Newspapers are delivered daily to households across the world; the internet never turns off. And of course, there are books. According to the American Library Association, in the United States alone there are over 117,000 libraries. “Since 1776, 22 million titles have been published”, and as of 2004, there were over 2.8 million books in print (Para Publishing).


What’s the point? In terms of technology (and in this day and age, what isn’t looked at in terms of technology?), books are outdated. An old, slow, difficult way of obtaining information and entertainment that only isolates people from the ‘mainstream’. With the popularity of websites like Twitter,

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Erotic Advent by Der Erzahler

S.J's Blog


Cloth cut, just the right length

Two reds and two greens

In spirit of the season

A reason to celebrate

You are my gift


You lying face down

Wrists bound to the bedpost

Tied, with precise bows

One green and one red

You are my gift


A pillow beneath you

Ass arched, legs spread

Ankles tied, with precise bows

One green and one red

You are my gift


You are laying there

Spread, tied and ready

With a red ball gag

Green thong panties

You are my gift


Wood paddle in hand

Caressing your ass cheeks

Knowing they’re soon to be red

Beneath your green panties

This is your gift


2014 © Der Erzahler


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Erotic Advent by Laurie Schmidt Lee

S.J's Blog

Erotic Advent - Christmas Party

Snow falling outside
White, fluffy and flowing
Fire crackling inside
So warm and glowing
Tree is green and huge
Just smelling divine
Such a wonderful sight
It is a glorious pine
All decorated with ornaments
And lots of sparkling lights
They are all beautiful and shiny
And make it all look so bright
You then take me in your arms
And hold me so tight
As you look at me with lustful eyes
That feel so right
You take my hand
And lead me into our room
I strip down slowly
For my handsome groom
You place me on the bed
And stare at me mesmerized
As you move across me
And lower your head
You find my clit
With your talented tongue
What a wondrous feeling it is
And so much fun
You suck and lick
And then fuck me with that tongue
I am not sure how much…

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Erotic Advent by Angel Poet

S.J's Blog

Elzia White

Twas the night after Christmas

And in the North Pole

Mrs Claus anxiously

Awaited for Santa to show

All Wrapped up

in ribbons and lace

A sexy negligee

Put on without haste

garter and bows

5 inch heels

She knew would

give him a nutcracker thrill

Then suddenly a clamor

Was heard

St nicks had arrived

And soon would be served

His Christmas surprise

Enter he did

With a grin

Gave a wink

What he saw

Just amazed

Aroused little nick

“Come here my elf

Let me explore

Unwrap my gift

I hope there’s more”

Then he whistled

And shouted

As he licked his

Creamy surprise

Couldn’t contain

His moaning sighs

Now faster

Oh dancer

You prancer

My little vixen

I’m cuming

Oh Cupid

My donger

Is blitzen

His hearty laughter

Could be heard through

The night as he shouted

To all

Merry Christmas to all

And to all a…

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Erotic Advent by Carrie Anne Ward

S.J's Blog


It was snowing with a blistering force outside that evening, as Carrie waited like an impatient child for her Christmas present to arrive. She needed to find something to take her mind off the excitement of Santa arriving at midnight. She selected one out of a hundred books in the library to read, set it down on the coffee table, and ran upstairs to get ready.

Moments later, she returned back to the cosy warmth of the living room, wearing knee high candy cane striped socks, an expensive red lace thong that knotted into bows on both sides of her sculptured hips, and a matching bra, which tied into a bow between her lusciously pert breasts. Why couldn’t Santa have a gift on Christmas day? This year, I will be his gift! she thought, nodding in agreement at the reflection of herself in the large mirror over the stone…

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Erotic Advent by Callen Wright

S.J's Blog

The Lady In Red

She stood before me

Wearing nought but a bow

Milky flesh wrapped in crimson

Her sapphire eyes set aglow

Sat me down in my chair

Her hands spreading my thighs

Only speaking the words

“Time for your Christmas surprise”

She opened my pants

Her hands sliding inside

Freeing my shaft

Her mouth open wide

She took me in slowly

With her ruby lips

She moaned with pleasure

As she grasped my hips

Up and down her head bounced

As her hand stroked my cock

My pleasure built quickly

Toes curling in my sock

Pleasure took me over

As I growled and roared

I pulled her hair tight

As I erupted with her reward

My body kept shaking

As she swallowed each drop

Her head in my hand

I begged her not to stop

She smiled and stood

Adorning her cloak

She left just a quickly


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Erotic Advent by Magenta Nero

S.J's Blog

 Erotic Advent

On the first day of Xmas

my true love summoned me

a message from a white dove

On the second day of Xmas

My true love prepared for me

a plush bed of pillows

and a bowl of fresh creamy milk

On the third day of Xmas

my true love said to me

I shall expect you in the dungeon

on the strike of midnight

not a minute before

On the fourth day of Xmas

my true love presented me

with a black lace corset

fine hose stocking

silver handcuffs

and a thick leather studded collar

On the fifth day of Xmas

my true love gave to me




hands cuffed and tied

to a high beam

legs spread apart

toes barely touching the ground

On the sixth day of Xmas

my true love abandoned me

suspended from the ceiling




muscles stretched and stinging

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Erotic Advent by J

S.J's Blog

 Erotic Advent

T’was the night before Christmas…

When all through the house…

Not a creature was stirring…

Not even a mouse…

The log fire was burning…

Stockings hung up beside…

Christmas filled the air…

As pure white snow fell outside…

She sat patiently waiting…

All alone in the chair…

Hoping he would arrive…

It was more than she dare…

As she’d written her letter…

She’d been such a good girl…

But now craves the badness…

As her senses spin and whirl…

She waits for him to arrive…

In Red silk and Black stockings…

And a pair of high heeled shoes…

Completes her Christmas wrapping…

Her body tingles with excitement….

As she touches her clit…

Whilst beginning to dream…

So wet at the thought of it…

Allowing her mind wander…

To what will happen next…

When he touches her body…

And passionately kisses her neck…

Before bending her over…

Forcing himself deep…

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