Foreplay by Megan Kay


A extraordinary piece by the talented Megan Kay! ~ Enjoy Debs xox

Originally posted on Megan Kay's Blog:

in the fantasies
of others words
I rest
my naked frame
nestling the bound pages
across my chaise lounging torso
at first
that you
had filled the wing back chair
it was your heated glare
that sent a wave of chills
over my pale flesh
it was the script
that dripped
my eyes traveled faster
my breath deepening
as the words of desire
my core
It was the sound of your belt
being pulled through the buckle
that startled
my wandering hand
to pause
my body demanded more
Then a zipper
caught my attention
my eyes darting
to find
your long body
sunken so sublimely
your hand reaches in
to release
The sound
of the book
tumbling to the ground
startled my glare
yet conjured your lips to curl
in that smirk
I know
oh so well
Your girth
so utterly perfect
as it…

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