The Power of Love by Richard Ankers

Must read piece by the talented a Richard Ankers! ~ Debs xox

Richard M. Ankers - Author

I’d seen the eyes in the dark before. They had watched me from the shadows, observed me. Like lanterns with black candles, I would catch a glimpse of them as though in a dream, then they would be gone, snuffed out. I don’t know how I knew they belonged to a she, but they did. Perhaps, it was the subtle scent of nightshade that lingered in the air, perhaps not, but I was sure she wanted me. She desired the only thing that was truly my own; she desired my widower’s soul.

I tried to run. I left my homeland and travelled across the seas, over mountains and to a place where the stars met the horizon the two melting into one, lovers united in eternal darkness. She was waiting for me there, I was hers. She let slip the shawls that concealed herself, stood revealed. Yet, despite the curves…

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