The Girl Behind the Mask



Ninety percent of the time
She is happy
To stay hidden
Full of her secret desires and longings…

But it’s that ten percent
That still plagues her
Mostly through her dreams…

Where she wishes
She was brave enough
To step out again
And seek what
She keeps locked up
Deep within her heart…


As no one really gets to see
The girl behind the mask…


Long ago when she was young
She tried to love
And did so deeply

With a free and innocent force
That ended up leaving her broken
And full of only remorse…

Yet feelings have come along
Over the years, stirring
Like an unrequited love
Thats never to see the light…

Leaving her feeling lost
And yearning
For that special connection
To warm her from cold and lonely frost…


© debradml (2014)

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