Locked Heart


Long ago I locked my heart
And threw away the key
Content with leaving it numb
Never to be set free…

But it has stirred
Looking for release
Caught by
An unassuming force

Typically though by one that has not been sent for me…

I feel that I am destined
Forever to roam this life
Alone upon the outskirts
Just a dreamer, always getting into strife…

Yearning for a love
I know I will never get to feel
Yet I can’t stop the feelings
Of desire, that’s burning to be real…


© debradml (2014)

8 thoughts on “Locked Heart

  1. Never stop, never stop, believing
    Your words echo clear M’lle Debra
    So many of us feel that way…some every day
    Thank you for sharing your words, as always they resonate.
    Btw, you are loved, with legs humps and face licks pppp

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