#MDRomance Week: Sadly it comes to an end but not before the talented Author & Poet Mark Davis leaves us with his heartfelt piece!!! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet

She cried at the airport
When she saw him land
She cried
When she saw him
As he took her hand
She cried
When she kissed him
The taste of his lips
She cried
His hand stroking her hair
His gentle finger tips
Touching her breast bare
She cried
On the way home
After they had kisses
She cried
When he told
How much he had missed this
She cried
When they got home
Took her in his arms
She cried
As he entered her
Reacquainted with his charms
She cried
At the passion
Present in his eyes
She cried
As she held him
Locked between her thighs
She cried
Now he was back
Her lover and best friend
She cried
As he whispered
“My love for you will never end

Mark Davis


In closing comments my most heartfelt thank you to my wonderful  Poetesses  & Gentleman poets without which…

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