#MDRomance Week Two: Was off to a hot and delicious piece by the talented Poetess Paris and Mark’s interpretation to the photo & title was very well done as well, thoroughly enjoyed! ~ Debs xox

Originally posted on Mark Davis Author / Poet:

By Paris

I sit awaiting his pleasure, eyes blinded to sight
My tongue runs along the inside of my abused bottom lip
Raw from where I had bitten it last night
Pulling my lip between my teeth, I worry it again
Anticipating when my beautiful pleasure will begin

We’ve been here before, but each time feels like the first
He keeps me guessing, keeps me on edge
Has me begging…loves building my thirst
Never knowing where he’ll be
Breath hitching, body quivering, longing for him to touch me

Warm breath caresses my neck…I tilt my head…I silently beg
Wanting the hot, wet press of his mouth…on my flushed, wet skin
Like a jungle cat he moves, stalking his prey, his path a silent segue
For I am poised naked and vulnerable…his captive kitten…claws sheathed
Craving the moment I shall be stroked and teased

His unique essence fills my senses to…

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