#MDRomance Week: A sensual and exquisite piece by the talented Higherhawk, well done Sir, lovely! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet

By HigherHawk

I remember the moment that night began
From the second my lips touched your hand
You took that first step I pulled you in tight
Your hand is not the only place my lips kiss tonight
Our bodies find a rhythm in these beating hearts
Stepping faster and faster as our passion starts
You pull your body out, then quickly come back in
We circle, sway, swiftly turn and spin
Your warm breath touches mine as lips do collide
Arms are encircled, our flesh continues to glide
Laying you back in my arms, arching at your peak
For one brief moment my lips find your rosy cheek
Yes I do remember the moment this dance began
With one gentle kiss of your soft hand


you can find other poetic work by HigherHawk at :


Twitter : @higherhawk

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