#MDRomance Week: Two touching pieces by these talented Authors Zoey Hart & Mark Davis! ~ Debs xox

Originally posted on Mark Davis Author / Poet:


By Zoey Hart

Her heart pounded
As his hands
Cupped her face
The soft look
In his eyes
Shadowed her own
Her body trembled
As the butterflies
Took flight
The fullness of
His lips
Gently brushing hers
Her eyes rolled
Back as they
Slowly drifted shut
The first kiss
Tender and sweet
Yet full of passion
As he pulled
Away from her
She longed for more
As her eyes
Began to open
He was no longer there
Tucked tight away
In her bed
Silent and alone
The sweetest dream
Of him
Forever in her mind

Zoey Harts other works may be found at :
http://amzn.to/1f3HJwp Amazon

http://on.fb.me/1eFYco3 FB

http://bit.ly/1erwlU1 Goodreads

http://bit.ly/1afsP3x Twitter

http://bit.ly/1cq5ZCx WordPress


Poetic Interpretation Of Picture and Title
By Mark Davis 


What had she started?
Would she end up broken-hearted
The first kiss
The bliss
With him and more
Evident by the clothes on the floor

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