A Romantic Tale ~ #MDRomance Challenge


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Across the bar I observe you
My eyes become aroused by the sight
I flush when you turn
And see me
Wondering now…
How to keep things simple and light?

Then I feel your touch upon my delicate skin
As you’ve found your way over to greet me
The warmth you radiate
Is intoxicating
It saturates deep
Beneath my surface within…

Leaning in so your breath is upon me
Your voice has my heartbeat amiss
I close my eyes
Digesting the moment
Breathing in
Your beguiling scented mist…

We spend an eternity talking
Till you offer to walk me on home
Lacing the strength
Of your fingers within mine
Then head out
Into a new fall of snow…

As we walk, talk and rekindle
Under the canopy
Of a beautiful night
My senses
Are savouring every morsel
Of your masculine bodily delights…

Before we know it
We’ve reach our destination
Where we reluctantly
Turn to say our goodbyes
The demanding kiss that you give me
Has me submitting, with a long and continuous sigh…

Then you whisper your desirable need
To see me again
And quite soon
Leaves me swooning
In a cloud of anticipation…
Of what’s to become, under a the next decadent full moon?


 © debradml (2014)


Hi all I wrote this piece for a Poetry Challenge on Author Mark Davis Blog #MDRomancehttp://markdaviserotica1225.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/a-few-words-on-romance-week-by-mark-davis/

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