#MDRomance Week: Day Fours piece is by the talented Aurora, and Mark Davis has written an expectional piece full of warm love which paints a beautiful image for the readers mind… to Aurora’s photo for her piece! Well done to the both of you! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet


By Aurora 

I shivered alone
Bereft of warmth
Consigned to loneliness

The heat of your gaze
Rekindled the fire within
I found sanctuary
Enveloped by your arms
Within your heart
I found my shelter

Your body became my blanket
Surrounding my skin with your heat
Beneath you,
I am exposed,
But no longer vulnerable

(c) aurora 2014
You can also find the Auroras other poetic work at 



Poetic Interpretation of Picture and Title by Mark Davis

By Mark Davis

Open air

The cold wind prevails
Under the blanket
Watch passing sails
Eyes drift away
From the ocean view
Lips close together
Focus on you
Wrapped up together
Fall into a kiss
Winter sun warming
Love days like this
Flat on the deck
No eyes can pry
Safe from the gaze
Of the passerby
“Cover me”
Softly she sighs
I do as I’m bade
Look in her…

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