#MDRomance Week: Two touching pieces by the talented His Angel and Mark Davis, well done to you both!!! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet


By Angel

As Friends
We always had each other
Battered and Bruised
When did it happen
New found love
Together now
Immense joy
Will finally admit
It’s time to submit
Skin to skin
Shedding the scars of our past
Entwined in each other at last
Sharing our pain of previous hurts
Needing to feel
Pulling you closer
Inhaling your scent
Lavicious thoughts in my head
Unbridled in passion
Entwined as one
This tango we dance
With rhythm and soul
Must be played
It’s been far too long
Stagnant and staid
Flirtatious foreplay
Frothing over in heat
Should we give in
Is it a sin
Two Friends as lovers
Can we survive
I’m willing to try
But no matter what happens
Always know this
Until you stop breathing
You are enough
Just as you are
Battered and Bruised
Take me in your arms
My lover my friend

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One thought on “#MDRomance: BATTERED & BRUISED by HIS ANGEL

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