#MDRomance Week: First up is the beautiful and very talented Poetess SJ Warner – her piece is beautiful and Mark Davis has done an interpretation to her photo which is a brilliant constrast to Sal’s Interpretation…. I have throughly enjoyed reading these pieces and can’t wait for what’s next! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet


Always & Forever
By SJ Warner

As the heavy door opens, my eyes adjust to the inner gloom
Love rushes through my heart and soul as I see you
Waiting in the centre so patiently
Anticipating my arrival at
Your side
Standing there next to your friend looking so proud, so calm.

Any nerves I have disappear as I begin to make my way down the aisle
Nearing you with every slow, precise step
Dad holds my arm, his pride in his little girl showing on his face.

Finally at your side he places my hand in yours
Our eye meet
Revealing in each others appearance
Each touch, each breath, each carefully spoken promise
Verifying the weight of our love until
Eventually we hear those words and our lips meet
Responding to each other, sealing our vows forever.

c. S.J Warner 2014.

You can also find SJ Warner’s other works…

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