Eternal Soul-mates



A connection made centuary’s ago

A bond so strong that it was to be forever

True eternal soul-mates…

That merged, set forth and passed

Over a series of lifetimes…

Never forgetting the echo of each other’s hearts

Which guided them home to each other

Every time!


Β© debradml (2014)


I recently read a great story “An Eternal Flame” by Author Maggie Carpenter which also inspired this piece!


16 thoughts on “Eternal Soul-mates

  1. My goodness, I am SO honored, and humbled. Thank you… those two words feel far too inadequate. Did you happen to read the first one? Deja Vu? I wrote that initially, then this one, it came to me in a dream and the story had to be told. I wish I’d had that gorgeous art to put on the cover. Thank you again, I am truly truly, touched. Maggie.

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