Words on Love…



No matter the language used
Love is a universal feeling
Felt throughout the ages…

There are many different kinds as well
Love for your child, family member, friend or lover
Each are valuable and treasured gifts to behold…

But falling in love with a lover
Is like taking a giant leap into the unknown
Your brain tells you to be cautious
But your heart believes in magic –
That you can soar, glide and fly
In breathless wonder…

The addictive sensations
Of feeling, kisses & bodily connection
Is utterly divine
Leaving you always wanting more…

The intimacy of two souls
Becoming one
Is quite indescribable
A heady influence
Of extraordinary power…

But you do have to try and keep your feet on the ground
And make sure that you have got it right…

As giving yourself freely
Can hurt badly with the wrong connection
So take time and build it slowly!


© debradml (2014)

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