#IAB Campaign by V0Ella


The incredible Amanda Carrington the very talented lady behind V0Ella wrote this beautiful Poem above… as V0Ella Crew is currently running a Campaign called #IAB ~ I AM BEAUTIFUL Challenge asking their followers on Twitter & Facebook to send in a Photo, write a Poem or share their personal Stories on this subject of how we feel about ourselves and our bodies…. It’s really touching and inspiring so please go check it out!






I found this picture on the Internet and thought it summed up perfectly the Motto behind this Challenge but we need a Superman one too!


 Here are my entries


My #IAB Story:

I hit puberty at a younger age than the majority of girls do… I remember being the first in my class to get pubic hair and boobs… I hated going to swimming and having to change in front of the others because they would look, stare and point at me as if there was something wrong with me… Boys would also stare at my boobs when doing any training for sports… And when I got my periods I thought I was dying and didn’t tell my mom for a few days… So at that young and tender age of eleven/ twelve I really started to hate my body and didn’t want to become a woman at all!

Over the years I was never what I’d classify as model thin but I was thin and curvy but had always thought of myself as fat… when I had my son at the age of 20 I became very unwell with my Under-active Thyroid (Hashimoto’s Disease) and went from 57 kilos to nearly 90 in my pregnancy… in which I got to experience how people do actually treat you differently when you become overweight… I experienced this from my sons father to certain family members and even some friends… I am now in my 40’s and I have never really got that extra weight off… which has held me back in life from pursuing certain things as I have always felt I’d be judged by others…

Anyways moving on as the years have flown by since then and with all the lessons you learn along the way… the good, the bad and the ugly… you learn to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and see life from a different perspective… especially in my job as a Nurse… time is precious… And people who like to sit in glass houses and judge others for their personal choices in life or by their beauty, scars and flaws… I have come to realise really have no idea about living life to the full and are missing out on special treasures because of their narrow-mindedness!

“So my motto is to embrace myself, people, life and living”


My #IAB Poem:

I am flawed
I am not perfect
But I am coming to accept me for who I am…

For it is not what I perceive to be perfect
That wakes up everyday
To face the world in which I live…

Who tries to lends a hand to others
Especially the sick and thoughs in need of care
Through my job…

It is the “I AM BEAUTIFUL” me
Just as I am
With my imperfections…

And that is perfectly alright!


© debradml (2014)


A few weeks ago another friend Tammy L Wilkins ran a similar Campaign called #ImNotPerfecthttp://t.co/2XwwhlKJq4


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