#TreatWeek by B.L Ronan

#TreatWeek special by Author BL Ronan…

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the heavily embroidered velvet lifts to reveal a solitary figure illuminated amongst the shadows. she stands in position – focused solely on the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest. after an eternity of moments, the soft bass of her intro washes over her. at once she is lost in its heady beat.

the music builds and its darkly raw carnality is echoed in her movements. each extension – each graceful line and jolting break is a visually emotive expression of a memory. this is no mere choreography of steps but a sensory experience.

the world around her grows breathless as she weaves her hedonistic seduction amid grande adages, sous sous, and intoxicating waltzes. her skilled toes mimic the racing pulse of her palpitating heart. her hands become hishands as they graze the sensitive protrusion of her collarbone. her head falls back as she succumbs to the visceral…

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