#TreatWeek by Tammy-Louise Wilkins

#TreatWeek special by Tammy L Wikins…

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Betrayal – No turning back.


It was merely a dream. A delusional hallucination they often told her. It was a reverie in which she would gladly lose herself in at any and every moment of solitude…

She sat upon the countertop; one leg stretched out on the sodden marble whilst the other dangled in an indolent and limp state. Tracks of icy water slinked down the quiver flesh of her curves until they trickled from the tips of her dainty toes. With one glance into those heated eyes she’d fantasised about so often, she was intoxicated. He stood before her, clad in the only uniform she had envisioned. A God of his own world, the Master of his universe.

It was their chance. The time to finally connect the way they’ve desperately longed for. The one thing that would secure the pairing and change fate. It was their moment to…

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