# Another breathtaking piece by Angelic Dreams and Devilish Desires Blog! ~ Debs xox

Angelic Dreams and Devilsh Desires


The curves of your body enchant
These brushes.
Each stroke a masterpiece of your
elegance and grace.

Each flowing line a symphony of pleasure to my eyes.

As I travel down your breast to slowly circle your nipples

lingering only long enough to hear the sigh in your thoughts

I breath in your senses tasting every wish you have.

Drifting to you tummy to the gentlest of strokes long

and with focused intent, caressing your skin with the softest  of touch

Watching the downy soft hair of your body stand on end as my breath

finds your heart, tickling its needs and teasing its darkest desires.

With hands bound and feet tied. I continue down the inside of your thighs

flicking and licking as only a good brush can do.

The simple grace of your body fills my soul with passion

and thoughts that ache to take you in my arms.

And drinkā€¦

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