#TreatWeek by S.J Warner

#TreatWeek special by SJ Warner…

S.J's Blog

Her Little Game.


She appeared in the room
Dressed in His shirt
With a glint in her eye
She started to flirt
She wanted to play
Needed to feel
Her man use control
To handle her needs

He watched as she teased
Twirled and twisted
Spinning and flexing
Allowing Him glimpses
Of her waxed delight

He would not give in
Would not bite
Even though
He ached to be
Deep inside
His delicious sweet ride
Pumping and thrusting
Until she cried

His resolve was strong
She would not control
His will decided
When He would enter her soul
He watched as she fingered
The buttons that fastened
The shirt that she wore
Dropping it swiftly
On to the floor

Her corset
Clinching her waist
Pushing her breasts
Right into His face
Her sweet pussy
Visible, bare to the eye
Ready to taste
Offering heaven inside

Still He resisted
Her frustration was…

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