#TreatWeek by Cameron Lincoln

#TreatWeek special by Cameron Lincoln…

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The prey is caught, the quarry found.
Pinned and sprawled, stripped and bound.
Wrists and ankles cuffed with steel,
Limbs spread wide, ready to feel
The hunter’s breath, raw and hot.
She’s the X, he’ll mark the spot.

With tongue, teeth and digit he lays to waste
All logic and reason, as he tends and tastes.
Helpless and hungry, she bucks and she quivers
As he feasts on sweet flesh, and her delicate sliver.
Perched on the edge, the precipice reached.
Her eyes plead mercy, for defenses breached.

Musculature ratchets, tight sinew coils
In a miasma of fever, as passion boils.
It floods and spills, the dam is broken
Engulfing release, desires awoken.
Gasping joy and gushing glee.
The prey, at last, is let loose, free.

Like beast unleashed from blissful jail,
She slips her bonds, weals flesh with nails.
The roles reversed, the hunter caught.

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