#TreatWeek by Benjamin Prewitt

#TreatWeek special by Benjamin Prewitt…

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Thoughts Of Her


Almond eyes as wide as the oceans deep

I crave to dive into their depths

And search for treasures kept hidden from the light

Caress each hair as if it was my own

Taste each piece of wanton flesh

As it quivers beneath my tongue.

The feel of your hips as they rise to meet my lips

The sound of your breath as it struggles to find its pace as our passions unfold.

The press of your legs hard against my shoulders as I bare my full weight into your frame.

The look of submission in your eyes

As you let the waves of ecstasy wash over your burning skin time and time again.

I yearn for the pull of your hair as your back arches from behind

The flesh drives deeper into your mind sending angels to the sky.

 © Benjamin M Prewitt 2014.

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