#TreatWeek by Ava Bellamy and Harry Gate


#TreatWeek special by Ava Bellamy…

Originally posted on S.J's Blog:

The Hotel Room.


Isobel’s phone rang in her hand just as she was about to dial James’ number. She was fuming mad that he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. She tucked the long strands of blonde hair behind her ear and answer her phone.

“James? Where the hell are you? The taxi will be here in thirty minutes. You were missed at breakfast by everyone. It didn’t go unnoticed that you didn’t make it down. We’re supposed to make a good impression on our new client.” she said. She heard her tone and grimaced that she sounded like a mother telling off a child.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I slept in. I haven’t even been in the shower, and I still need to pack, I have my stuff all over the room.” he replied.

James’ use of the sweetheart, made her anger melt a little but not enough to get him…

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