#TreatWeek by B.L Ronan

#TreatWeek special by Author BL Ronan…

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the heavily embroidered velvet lifts to reveal a solitary figure illuminated amongst the shadows. she stands in position – focused solely on the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest. after an eternity of moments, the soft bass of her intro washes over her. at once she is lost in its heady beat.

the music builds and its darkly raw carnality is echoed in her movements. each extension – each graceful line and jolting break is a visually emotive expression of a memory. this is no mere choreography of steps but a sensory experience.

the world around her grows breathless as she weaves her hedonistic seduction amid grande adages, sous sous, and intoxicating waltzes. her skilled toes mimic the racing pulse of her palpitating heart. her hands become hishands as they graze the sensitive protrusion of her collarbone. her head falls back as she succumbs to the visceral…

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#TreatWeek by Mark Davis

#TreatWeek special by Author Mark Davis….

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She was ready

For her treat

Knelt, head bowed

Looked so sweet

He entered


She moaned


His crop

Tapped on leg


For her to beg

Her voice



Saw his look

Not angry


Calm serene

Not wild

A swing


Saw her wince


Knew she liked

A need

Her Master

There to feed

Each strike

A moan

She knows

Not alone

Although his willing


He’s hers

To stay

A sting

A tease

She loves

To please

Her body


He waits

For her to come

Her lover

Master, man

Her friend

Biggest fan

Holds her

A kiss

Caring, sharing

Her bliss

© Mark Davis 2014.

For more delicious poetry from Mark please head over to his blog…


There you’ll find work such as this…


He also has work available for purchase from Amazon, here’s a link to just one of them…


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#TreatWeek by Chris Kuhn

#TreatWeek special by Author Chris Kuhn…

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The Wait.


Outstretched arms envelop completely
Faithfully fortressing scarred hearts lovingly
Each indention and dimple, ready to burst
Every drop of pure desire, arousing my thirst.
I lap it up and taste each salty drop between my lips,
Brimming, with limbs locked, hips crash into hips.

I welcome you, all of you, as I have from the start.
Invited to the most secret corners of my heart,
Naked and longing, two unsettled souls,
Whisking past niceties and emotional holes.
Blemishes, folds, stretch marks in all directions
Kissing, licking, cherishing imperfection.

Clutching your hand to tow through the mire
Fueled by yearning and stoked by desire.
The narrowest passage guides to what stirs
Quivering bodies and their sweet scents lure
A maelstrom of tongues, a plunge sunk so deep,
The happiest drowning, as hearts take a leap.

Tenderness cleanses lingering uncertainty,
Passion washes away remnants of apathy.
Bathed in the clarity…

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#TreatWeek by Tammy-Louise Wilkins

#TreatWeek special by Tammy L Wikins…

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Betrayal – No turning back.


It was merely a dream. A delusional hallucination they often told her. It was a reverie in which she would gladly lose herself in at any and every moment of solitude…

She sat upon the countertop; one leg stretched out on the sodden marble whilst the other dangled in an indolent and limp state. Tracks of icy water slinked down the quiver flesh of her curves until they trickled from the tips of her dainty toes. With one glance into those heated eyes she’d fantasised about so often, she was intoxicated. He stood before her, clad in the only uniform she had envisioned. A God of his own world, the Master of his universe.

It was their chance. The time to finally connect the way they’ve desperately longed for. The one thing that would secure the pairing and change fate. It was their moment to…

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#TreatWeek by Jamie B

#TreatWeek special by Jamie Bennett…

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“In your room, time stands still”…


The room is all in darkness…
She wants to make him guess…

What will happen next…
Leaving him so perplexed…
As she gently bites his neck…

She’s in total control…
And owns his enchanted soul…

His hands tied behind his back…
Her finger nails ready to attack…

And rake across his naked body…
This stranger, this nobody…
Only her pleasure toy…

He means not a fucking thing…
Just pure sex, with no strings…

She has a longing and a need…
A hunger she has to feed…
Since the Devil planted his seed…

Deep within her twisted mind…
These men, she now treats so unkind…
Keeps them constrained and confined…
Covers eyes to make them blind…

But this one made her dream…
So she made him scream…
With an attack that went unseen…

And pushed her tongue into his mouth…
Hot and wet, but he…

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#TreatWeek by Stephen Richards

#TreatWeek special by Stephen Richards…

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The Canvas


She spotted him the second he entered the club. A tall, elegantly dressed, powerfully built man who radiated an unmistakeable aura of danger. The mere sight of him always made her insanely wet and ache with desire for him.

She’d scened with most of the guys at the club and quite a few women too and although she’d almost always had a good time, she found that she orgasmed hardest when she knew he was watching…

He’d been coming in for a few weeks now, keeping himself apart, never participating in any scenes or engaging in conversation with others, but always watching her intently whenever she played. He seemed to be studying her, almost as if he was judging her worth.

She lay on the saltire, her wrists and ankles shackled, as the young man laboured with a flogger. Bless him… he tried his best, in fact he…

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#TreatWeek by S.J Warner

#TreatWeek special by SJ Warner…

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Her Little Game.


She appeared in the room
Dressed in His shirt
With a glint in her eye
She started to flirt
She wanted to play
Needed to feel
Her man use control
To handle her needs

He watched as she teased
Twirled and twisted
Spinning and flexing
Allowing Him glimpses
Of her waxed delight

He would not give in
Would not bite
Even though
He ached to be
Deep inside
His delicious sweet ride
Pumping and thrusting
Until she cried

His resolve was strong
She would not control
His will decided
When He would enter her soul
He watched as she fingered
The buttons that fastened
The shirt that she wore
Dropping it swiftly
On to the floor

Her corset
Clinching her waist
Pushing her breasts
Right into His face
Her sweet pussy
Visible, bare to the eye
Ready to taste
Offering heaven inside

Still He resisted
Her frustration was…

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#TreatWeek by Ava Bellamy and Harry Gate

#TreatWeek special by Ava Bellamy…

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The Hotel Room.


Isobel’s phone rang in her hand just as she was about to dial James’ number. She was fuming mad that he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. She tucked the long strands of blonde hair behind her ear and answer her phone.

“James? Where the hell are you? The taxi will be here in thirty minutes. You were missed at breakfast by everyone. It didn’t go unnoticed that you didn’t make it down. We’re supposed to make a good impression on our new client.” she said. She heard her tone and grimaced that she sounded like a mother telling off a child.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I slept in. I haven’t even been in the shower, and I still need to pack, I have my stuff all over the room.” he replied.

James’ use of the sweetheart, made her anger melt a little but not enough to get him…

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