Words on Disconnected



Is it just me
Or do you
Have days
Where everything
Seems to be
Upside down
And nothing goes right…

It is on these days
I just want to hide
Far away
From all that
I know and do
And fade away into
The nothingness…

It’s strange how one day
Everything can seem
So right
And then on days
Like these I
Feel so lost and
Wonder what is the point…

Things that usually
Bring great joy
Seem fruitless and futile
All that you do is wrong
Which leaves me
Feeling disconnected
From the rest of the universe!


© debradml (2013)

8 thoughts on “Words on Disconnected

  1. This is raw and real, and reflects what so many of us experience at times, that lost feeling leaving us wanting to pull the covers up over our heads. Thanks for capturing the emotion behind these vulnerable moments and reminding us we are not alone. Beautiful work as always. xo ~ chris kuhn

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