The Versatile Blogger Award


I was recently nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award” by a beautiful lady called Sally aka SW36, I am so honoured and humbled that she has enjoyed my blog to nominate it for this award!

Thank-you again Sal, this means a lot to me! Much love and hugs ~ Debs xox


Please check out her wonderful Blog as she is a talented writer and poet!

Raspberry Delights –” 


# The Rules in accepting this Award are:

  1.  Display the Award on your Blog
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  3. Post 7 interesting things about yourself and answer the 7 questions…
  4. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
  5. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.



# 7 Interesting things about me:

  1. I was once a Hairdresser many moons ago…
  2. Good at Roller-skating but not Ice-skating
  3. I love Tandem skydiving – it’s awesome!
  4. Hate spiders – and have quite a few lol stories that could be told…
  5. Sports I’ve played Netball & Softball
  6. First Record I ever owned was “Abba Arrival”
  7. Freaked out snorkelling once on the Great Barrier Reef at thought of meeting a shark round a wall of coral… TG no one was filming it would have been hilarious… a new style of swimming ‘backward frog style’ 😂

Not very interesting stuff …but some things about me!


# Answer 7 Questions:

1. Do you remember your dreams – and if you do what do you think they mean?

Yes parts of them …sometimes they are way off the grid of reality and some would make great movies! Wouldn’t have a clue what they mean… I also sometimes dream of the future …weird insignificant stuff like a place or event!

2. Would you rather share your life with a pet or a person? (or a person who is a pet?)

Hmmm… haven’t met a person as yet other than family and have always have a easy connection with animals!

3. What is the most submissive aspect of your life and your personality?

Hmmm… in a sexual relationship I like a Alpha Male! I like to make people happy, don’t like conflict and/ or letting others down! My “Enneagram Type is mean’t to be No. 9 ~ The Peacemaker” 

4. What is the most dominating?

In my job and role as a mom I take charge and am very protective of people I care for! In my job I am often sticking up for others…. when I see right from wrong!

5. if you could retrain as something, would you want to do that?

No not really I love my job as a Nurse, but there are things I would still like to try!

6. Which do you fear more – fire, water, or wind?

I’d have to pick Fire – it can be unpredictable and I’d hate to get burned!

7. How long on average each week do you listen to music?

A couple of hours per day at least!


# 15 Blogs I nominate receive this Award:

I love all the Blogs I follow and to pick out just fifteen is way too difficult …but here are some that I follow regulary… and ah I’m sorry but it’s way more than 15 🙂 You can view their blogs by clicking on their names below!

Some Favourite Blogs ~ Writers, Poets, Artists and Smore

Benjamin Prewitt – Artist & Poet

Kat Bastion – Author of Paranormal Romance & Poetry

PJ Bayliss – Erotica Writer & Author of Poetry

Amanda Carrington Author

Darwin Blake – Poet

BL Ronan – Author of Poetry

Mirabella – Poet

Tony (Toro) – Poet

Caroline Juliette – Poet

Angel – Poet

Katrina Storey – Poet & Writer

Kat Fraser – Poet & Writer

Steve Richards – Author

Deirdre Meyrick – Writer & Poet

Tammy L. Wilkins – Writer & Poet

Thomas Snow – Writer & Poet

Megan Kay – Poet

Mr. Insatiable – Poet

Poetic Passions – Poet

Justin Case – Poet

Marcus – Poet

Raine Cooper – Poet

Bloodmoon – Poet

Charming Man – Author of Erotica

Mark Davis – Author of Erotica & Poet 

Cameron Lincoln – Author & Poet

Lisa Fulham – Author & Poet

Chris Kuhn – Author of Romance

SA MacNeil – Poet

Karen M. Hanks – Writer

John Christian – Writer

Penelope Jones – Author of Erotica

Genevieve Dewey – Author

Joseph McNamara – Writer & Poet

Gemini – Poet

Brandon – Poet

Robert India – Author

Through the Lens – Photography

Andy – Writer

Michael Birchmore – Poet



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