The Imagine Award



The Imagine Award” is an award created by Jenn Mulherin (who is the writer of the blog “My Fibrotastic Life!”) in October of 2013. This award was made in order to recognize the bloggers who express their passion and dedication towards their blogs through their creativity.


Here’s what you need to do to accept the Imagine Award:

  1. Do a post on your blog incorporating “The Imagine Award” theme.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you, for bestowing this fine unicorn 😉 and link their blog page to your post
  3. List 3-5 things about the nominator’s blog that you like (which you think are very creative)
  4. Nominate 5 other bloggers/blogs which you think display a fantastic use of creativity and imagination
  5. Notify your nominees



Dearest Mr. Benjamin Prewitt!

What an absolute honour it is that you have nominated my Blog for this beautiful Award, thank-you more than words can say!

If you havent already checked out his Blog – Expressions of my life – An evolution of art. (My journey through life as an artist, father, and person with young onset Parkinsons) …then do so now as his artwork is magnificent, his poetry devine and his daily posts are inspiring and unforgettable treasures!

You enrich my heart, mind and soul Mr. B. much love ~ Debs xox


List 3-5 things you love about their blog:

1.  I love Benjamin’s Blog as it truly enriches my heart, mind and soul daily! His passion, dedication and words are inspiring, which makes you stop think and feel! He has a beautiful depth to him that he shares so openly and cares so greatly for others!

2. As my friend Beth so eloquently stated “His Blog is real, raw and human” – as he shares his personal daily journey with the onset of Parkinson’s Disease…

3. Benjamin’s artwork are magnificent unique pieces of treasure …which I hope one day to own one! I also love how he shares the stages in his progress with a piece that he working on… right through to sometimes to the sale!

4. Benjamin’s poetry is devine and takes my breathe away …his words evoke such emotion within me at times, they are truly beautiful!


5 nominations to receive this Award:

It is really so very hard to choose just five blogs to receive this Award….as over the past year and a half I have been amazed by the amount of very talented people I have connected with Across these Oceans and have listed a few whom I follow regulary in this Blog Post – Favourite Blogs ~ Writers, Poets, Artists and S’more, so please click on this to check them out!

But 5 whom come to mind that I don’t have listed in honour of this Award …for a fantastic use of creativity and imagination goes to some Book Blogs I love:

  1. Literati Literature Lovers ~
  2. The SubClub Book Club ~
  3. Bookish Temptations ~
  4. So The Story Goes ~
  5. The Novel Tease


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