Words Untitled…



You’d think that as people get older
They would choose not to cause others pain!

Yet with sadness I still do not understand
How people can do this again and again!

Why do they take this path still confuses me,
Why do they set out to use, then be ignorant and rude!

Sit in judgement, play silly games
And just be so damn inconsiderate and cruel.

It is something I will never understand,
Something I vow not to let change me…

And something I hope that one day…
Will all make some kind of sense!


© debradml (2013)

6 thoughts on “Words Untitled…

    • Thanks so much Hun for reading and for commenting! I understand how you feel and live in hope too it’s so bloody frustrating especially when you felt like you had a good connection with that person …so I try not to let it effect me … xox

  1. I think some people are not happy with their life. That’s why they do such things. They don’t care that they hurt people because they don’t care about themselves. This is so sad but very true

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