My Review of “The Cougar Diaries Trilogy”by Aoife Brennan


# Is a truly brilliant and inspiring must read!



My Review:

I have just finished reading The Cougar Diaries: The Prequel and Parts I & II’ and wish I didn’t have to wait so long for Part III’ to find out what happens next! The books are accounts of real life with Fiction thrown into the mix!

I have absolutely loved reading these books …as I can totally relate! They are witty and hilarious in parts; hot, sexy and informative in others, and then very real, serious and inspiring in the other parts…. but what I have loved the most has been how relatable, real life and truthful they are!

These books tell you about the journey that an Irish woman, called Aoife Brennan, goes through after the breakdown of her marriage! She is in her early forties and has been separated from her husband Paul for 5 years – since he had an affair and moved in with the girlfriend, leaving Aoife to raise their two teenage boys on her own, and he has now decided he wants a divorce so he can re-marry the girlfriend, who is now pregnant!

As Aoife struggles to cope with all of this, her father falls ill and she is also trying to hold down a full-time job – with the worry of being made redundant and the possibility of loosing the family home …due to the hard times Ireland is going through with the recent recession and new laws that have been put in place with the Banks! Within this period in her life she also heads back out into the dating scene and provides the reader with a very honest, entertaining and educational account of her personal experiences along this journey – how after divorce some married friends now look at and treat you differently; the difficulties in dating as a single mom; her account of exploring dating sites (with some hilarious results, “Strawberrygate” is a lol must read); problems faced when trying to use a vibrator at home with your children close by; her adventures in the world of BDSM and Erotica and how she meets and ends up dating a younger man called Chris, (whom she calls ‘sex-god’), and the difficulties she faces with falling in love again and the expectations that can go along with that!

What stays with me is through these books is that in the face of adversity this incredible woman and mother doesn’t give up… she just keeps putting one foot in front of the other, which is truly inspiring! What also stood out to me was the importance of having people there for you in your life …that no matter what happens, how you need people as sounding boards and ready to help if they can… as it really helps to clear your head and gives you the strength cope!

I love this Authors writing style immensely and thoroughly look forward to reading more of her works! And wish her all the best in life!



The Cougar Diaries, the prequel:

Synopsis: The Cougar Diaries, the Prequel, is a collection of three stories that got away. The three individuals – Shirley, Frank and Derek – all know me. Shirley is my friend and Frank and Derek both asked me out on dates. If you want to find our more, read their stories. Then if you want to find out more about Aoife Brennan, please purchase my first novel, The Cougar Diaries, Part I.



The Cougar Diaries, Part I:

Synopsis: The Cougar Diaries is a year in the life of Aoife Brennan, A newly single woman, Dubliner and mother to two teenage boys – she has to fight for her way of life, overcome the antiquated legal divorce system, secure a fair future from her
estranged ex and LIVE! This is about a woman living and loving again, making mistakes, embracing life and giving it lots of welly!



The Cougar Diaries, Part II:

Synopsis: Aoife Brennan is a divorced, middle-aged woman living in Dublin. This is the second year in her life following her first crazy year of freedom. Book One wowed the critics, Book Two is going to knock their sox off!



About the Author:

Hello 🙂

I am 42 years of age single mother and I live with my two teenage boys in Dublin. This is a small city so I am keeping my face out of the way of the camera.

I am the author of “The Cougar Diaries, The Prequel, Part I & II – Part III” is coming very soon. I hope my books bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step.

I started off writing a non fiction book about divorce which suddenly segued into fiction – so I took all I knew about dating again and fictionalised it. What a hoot! I am the author of my own destiny now – I am writing the ending. So I can lead my main character through the valley of death, despair and trouble, but I am giving her a fabulous ending! Oh the power of the pen!

So, when possessions depart – and bravery enters by the main door – then it is time to write!

Thank you for reading. If you like my books, please tell your friends. If you don’t, then expunge my name from your memory for ever!




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