Her galloping heart


# This exceptional piece by Mr. Insatiable is like reading something from my mind… it resonates deeply! Love his words… xoxox Debs

Mr Insatiable

She sits
Finding her silence within the seas
The sound of every rippling wave
As it ends its journey on the shores
Settling in her ears

As she sits
Not Lost, but not yet found
Lonely, but not alone
A heart full of love
Yet loveless
Looking out
Into the depths of the sea
An endless space
Of hopes and dreams
As her mind visits a well known place
Sadness sweeps her existence
A vision that is him
The one that is out there
Craving for her
Her touch
Her beauty
Her mind
Her soul

The one she dreams of
But never met
The one that will soar with her
On a stallion
To the edges of the earth
And back again
The one that will sweep her off her feet
And never allow her to fall
The one that will take her to…

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