Poetry Challenge by DebraDML


As the world turns
One half day, the other night
Connections are being made
across the five oceans


Fulfilling desires and needs
Solely through our words across the oceans


Friendships are born
Lovers can be found
The beauty of our minds are released
Enriching our hearts and souls


The journey is so appealing
The anticipation addictive
Yearning to explore and find
All the connections that we seek


The world seems so vast
When you physically think about it…
Yet through this portal in time
This journey is not so hard to complete!

© DebraDML (2013)


I would also Iike to take this opportunity to kindly thank each one of these talented Poets for taking part in the “Poetry Challenge” over these past 2 weeks, I am so very honoured to have their amazing pieces on my blog to share out there into the universe with you all!

You have all made my heart full… and as a lovely Poet friend recently taught me (and I have been thinking of him often throughout this challenge) the meaning of the word … Baci Baci my dear friends xoxox







30 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by DebraDML

    • Miss Beth thank-you so much for all your help and guidance these past two weeks…you are my beta, my friend and inspiration! I adore you hunny and I am so honoured to have carried the torch on from you with this epic challenge! It is such a great idea!
      ~ Much love Debs xox

  1. Bellissima love! Such a perfect finale piece. You are such a dear soul…kind spirit…lovely through and through. Grazie for including me! Be well my friend. Much love always, Bxxx

    • My darling Bee that means so much to me TY and for being apart I this … I am truly honoured and I will treasure your magical piece!!! As always you make my heart smile beautiful, you are my shining star across the oceans!
      Baci e abbracci per sempre xoxox

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  3. Nicely put Deb… words can do so much, shrink the planet, bring people together or drive them apart.

    Yours has made me smile. 🙂

  4. To the host and invited guests. Merci beaucoup, tanti grazie thank you.
    Your admirer moi, thoroughly enjoyed each and every one.
    Peace and Love to all.

    • Dearest Cameron wow thank-you for such kind words… I am only learning but that coming from you is inspiration to keep trying! Much Love and Friendship sweetheart xoxox Debs

  5. I mirror Cameron’s words. Joseph and I loved this challenge and thank you for allowing me to hijack it a little .
    I am enjoying our new friendship.
    Love and hugs Gem X x

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