Poetry Challenge by Justin Case


I saw the moon rise last night
and thought of you
during my walk alone along the surf
In my mind’s eye
I see you
I whisper words to you
Words that drift
carried on the wind
and by the tides
through the day and night
They cross space and time
whispered words
written words
words of comfort
words of support
words with meaning and knowing
They are the strength of a thousand miles
They sooth your soul
They comfort you in their embrace
They bring you hope
these words across the oceans
My back now turns away
from the rising sun
looking, searching
reaching out for you
Distance is long
and time is short
An ocean apart
Too far!
Too much!
Fate guides my way
I carry on in hopes
of expressing my love
with poetry
in precious words
in whispered words
in words across the oceans
A friendship growing
A love in knowing
I smile now
for you are in my heart
as I am in yours
This is but the start
of two people
with only hearts to give
A relationship built on trust
and holding each other’s hands
Strong and true
How do we express our love
when mere words aren’t enough?
We say “I love you”
in so many ways
each and every day
without ever saying a word
in our words across the oceans
© Justin Case (2013)
Twitter – @JustinCase1957


7 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Justin Case

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