Poetry Challenge by Mr. Darwin Blake


Words across the oceans.

When I received an email from Deb asking me to write a poem using “Words across the Oceans”. I was stumped.

What to write about?

Then I received a message from my wonderful friend Beth, we talked briefly about her lovely man who lives in the U.K.

Which made me think of this…


She stands, the cold harsh sea wind blowing in her face.

A long white scarf billows around her neck as if being tugged by Mother Nature herself.

The salt air stings her eyes, but she knows.

That he is there, across the sea.

She screams, her voice dwarfed by the roar of the ocean.

Her face red with rage.

Her throat sore from her call.

Tears stream down her face; nothing can break through the deafening thunderous sound of the sea.

Or so she thinks…

Thousands of miles away, he sits.

Reading quietly to himself and counting the days until she comes to him.

A whisper passes his ear.

The wind whips through the room as if he stands upon the shore.

His eyes widen and he knows she calls.

Running from the room, he streaks from his home as if possessed.

His feet pounding the pavement, his heart a rapid drum.

Pavement turns to grass.

Grass to hill.

He runs.

Upwards to the highest peak, the sound it grows stronger and then…is gone.

Listening intently he strains to hear but all he hears is the world.

The birds they sing and distant cars go by.

His heart pounds in his chest as he pants.

Disillusion and despair fills his head.

Was it his love?

Did she call?

Spurred on by his heart he roars.

His voice a deafening roar, his words perfect and pure.

He falls to his knees, exhausted.

Unable to contain his sadness he sobs uncontrollably.

Missing his Muse, pining for her love.

On a beach, a lifetime away, she walks away.

The tears that stain her face a shimmering reminder of how she misses him.

The wind, already strong and pushing her along the beach rises.

And she hears, she hears his words as they are carried across the oceans.

“I love you” he said.

And their love spans oceans.

Soon my friends.

You will be as one.


© Darwin Blake (2013)



Twitter – @DarwinBlake

Blog – http://darwinblake.com/



7 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Mr. Darwin Blake

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  2. Dearest Darwin… wow….what an perfect and exceptional piece to write about these two lovely souls!!! 10 out of 10 hun!

    As you know you have be a big inspiration to me in getting back into writing poetry again and starting this blog…TY from the bottom of my heart for all your friendship, support and encouragement!

    And TY so much for being apart of this challenge, I truly adore you xoxo Much Love Always Debs

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