Poetry Challenge by Angel


Words Across the Oceans

Softly spoken
Words across the oceans
Are my only link to you
My love
So full of devotion
We crave to touch
To taste each other’s lust
But… needs must
We satisfy each other
Through our conversation
The power and the passion
Not to be underestimated
But still I dream
That we will meet
And in that moment
No more words
Will either of us need

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808
Twitter – @Heavenly_haven

16 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Angel

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  2. My dearest Angel this piece touches me deeply…. I adore you so much and your talented words!

    I am so happy to have connected with you and am honoured to call you my friend and can’t wait to chat and giggle in person …maybe learn a few belly dancing moves lol 😉

    TY darling for being apart of this challenge
    Much love always Debs xoxoxox

    • Aw Debs my darling friend…. Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and kind words. I
      felt flattered and honoured to take part in the challenge, appearing amongst a host of very talented writers and poets. Thank you for the opportunity and look forward to meeting you one day for a wiggle and a giggle. Lots of love. Angel xxx

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