Poetry Challenge by PJ Bayliss


“Untitled #No. 4”

Have you ever,
Thought that dammit,
We have destroyed,
Our own planet.

Have you ever,
Wondered why,
We’re taught to love,
Yet trained to fight?

Have you ever,
Worked a day,
With extra hours,
Without the pay?

Have you ever,
Seen their eyes?
The lost youth,
Are they blind?

Have you ever,
Ignored the views,
Of the victims,
Upon the news?

Have you ever,
Heard their words,
Across the oceans,

As they burn?

Have you ever,
Asked yourself?
Is this heaven?
Or is it hell?

I have never,
Felt this fate,
Nor accepted,
It’s too late.

© PJ Bayliss (2013)



PJ Bayliss

Blog: http://www.peejaybayliss.wordpress.com

Website: http://www.pjbayliss.com

Twitter: @PJBayliss @YrMonAmi

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7 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by PJ Bayliss

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  2. My dear lovely PJ …so honored am I to call you my friend! You always amaze me with your incredible mind and powerful expressions!!!! TY hun so much for taking part in this challenge and your epic piece!

    Much Love Always Debs xoxox

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