Poetry Challenge by Amanda Carrington


I Whisper Your Name

Alone on the shore staring out to sea
The wind in my face, tears on my cheek
My heart aching for you to return
My soul breaking this emptiness hurts

This distance between us infinite it seems
The sound of your laughter still fills my dreams
I remember the warmth of your tight embrace
I cling to the memories that time can’t erase

My life is a blur of going thru’ the motions
But will the wind carry my words across the oceans
To find you, remind you what you left behind
I need to know if I cross your mind.

Do you stand on the shore and miss me too
Do you whisper to the wind of a love you once knew
Or is there another who has taken your heart
Are we destined to be forever apart

I whisper your name as I bid you goodbye
Blinded by sadness filling my eyes
Time to move on time to let go
To the wind and the ocean my pain I bestow


 © Amanda Carrrington (2013)



Amanda Carrington

Twitter – https://twitter.com/voiceoferotica

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Author – Virtual Love Affair | Risque Business


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16 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Amanda Carrington

  1. Well done Amanda! I’m not biased at all I know 😉 V proud of you. It’s wonderful to see all these poets come together under a common theme x

  2. I don’t believe I have adequate words to describe either my emotions from reading this poem. So, I will simply say that it was beautiful and has touched a part of me I keep very private.

  3. Love this entry. Definitely my fav.
    Not at all biased.
    The rhyming couplets, the flow, the story line everything was perfect.
    Loved the last line.

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  5. Dearest Amanda wow re-reading this piece melts my heart so, I feel your words so deeply my lovely! Through this challenge I feel closer to you and am SO truly humbled and honoured to have you take part! You are an inspiring and amazing woman…. and I am so lucky to treasure this on my blog! Love Debs xoxox

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