Poetry Challenge by Mr Insatiable


In the light
of stormy clouds
I can see no end
coursing through my veins
I have failed
to see
what was clear
as it stood
transparent before me
As visible
as the days
filled with love
caressed with happiness
I traveled
along this rickety path
by the beauty of the sun
as cliffs edge
become undone
Hopes and dreams
of eternal joy
by the raw truth
this foothold
no longer mine to follow
Pulled from beneath my stride
I fall to the depths of despair
as painful currents
of shattered dreams
torment my soul
rip through my heart
I lay broken
in my sea of dark
Words across the oceans
silent whispers
of the past
Within the broken pieces
of my life
I must find
the beginnings
of a start..
© Mr insatiable (2013)
# Mr Insatiable


5 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Mr Insatiable

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    • I am honored to have been invited to participate amongst such amazing talent.
      You have done an amazing job putting it all together and inspiring everyone to come up with such brilliance..
      Thank you Debra. Xx

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