Poetry Challenge by Mark Davis


Passions flowing readily
Keyboard is on fire
She reads the words he’s sending
Adds to her desire
His voice invades her head
Her fingers following his trail
Drives her body crazy
Never seems to fail
Through half closed eyes she reads
Fingers invade her sex
His posts become more frantic
Knows what is coming next
She braces for the words
That will set her juices free
A loud scream as she reads
“Come my girl for me”
Then silence as he knows
Her composure she’ll regain
Till more words across the oceans
Take it away again

 © Mark Davis (2013)



Mark Davis

Twitter – @Markdavispoet

Blog – http://markdaviserotica.blogspot.com.au/

Author – Erotic Midnight Musings, Volumes I, II & III




5 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Mark Davis

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  2. Wow my new Aussie friend as I re-read this piece I am so happy and glad to have connected with you through this challenge! What an awesome treasure and find you are! TY so much xoxo Debs

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