Poetry Challenge by SA MacNeil


The warm golden glow

Of a slowly setting sun

Casts shadows

Hiding the tears

Accompanying my thoughts

While its bright amber rays

Illuminate the empty space

Remaining by my side

The only embrace I feel

That of the autumn winds

Billowing off the sea

Swirling around me

Chilling my flesh

But not my heart

For it beats steady

With an everlasting hope

Hope for one day


 To find myself in your arms

As I sit silently

Watching the promise of today

Sink lower

On the distant horizon

I place my hope in tomorrow

With the blow of a kiss

I whisper my wish into the wind

To carry my words across the oceans

Riding upon the waves

Of this crazy life

Straight to the shores

Of your awaiting heart

(c) SA MacNeil



SA MacNeil

Blog – www.winewhimsyandwords.blogspot.ca

Twitter – @Lady_Loch


7 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by SA MacNeil

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