Poetry Challenge by Mirabella


Water baby

Separated by time and space
Never home in the same place
Stars fill the sky as the sun glows
Strong tides ebb while lazy river flows
Never allowed to share common ground
Realize this love that had been found
But there will always be a divide
A bottomless well held deep inside
Set sail and left adrift
Run ashore nearly missing the shift
Two souls aching for a mate
Endless hours and days of wait
That I wasn’t brave enough to last
Floating words across the oceans vast
This heart has never known such heights
Falling free while one plummeted slight
What I knew I won’t soon forget
Salty tears prove now I must quit
No more pain can come this way
Please understand I wished to stay
You and I were never meant to be
Kept at bay by the big blue sea


©mdb 2013



# Mirabella


6 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Mirabella

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  2. My darling friend Miss Bells… we met nearly a year and a half ago… and you inspired and pushed me to be where I am today…writing poetry again… the first words I had written since my 20’s was inspired for you! Your talent to express is so increbile sweetheart, and this poignant piece I will treasure! TY for taking part in this epic challenge, I am truly honoured! Sending you much love, light and hugs xoxox Debs

    • Dearest love, if I could find the words to let you know what your comment means to me…what YOU mean to me. If I had any part in encouraging you to write, this in itself is such a gift to me, grazie for sharing this with me, but knowing you and feeling your shine is the most precious gift! You have been such an amazing friend and I love you dearly…I cherish you and hold you precious…such a special woman. Grazie for being you! Much love always, Bells xxx

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