Poetry Challenge by Deidre Meyrick



unspoken words

across the oceans of silence between us

whispered breaths

uttered sighs

a glance

a gaze

underneath the guise of a friendship

nothing more or less

though here we stand

each waiting with bated breath

desperate to cross the boundaries

aching for more

yet afraid of the vulnerability

that comes with trust

with sharing

the joining together love and lust

we have to know

to take the risk

for to never try

to never chance

would be to remain alone in this abyss

and so tentative hands reach across

the dwindling space of time

coming together to forge a bond

two mated souls finally rejoined

an infinite communion



c. 2013 Deidre Meyrick




Twitter: @ladeeda51 and @RedVelvetChair

~ ~ ~

# Plus check out the ‘Poetry Challenge‘ she hosted 1 year ago on her Blog!



13 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Deidre Meyrick

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  3. Dearest Dee your piece really speaks to me deep, you have such a way I adore!

    TY so much for being apart of this challenge, I am truly humbled and honoured! Much Love Debs xoxox

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