Poetry Challenge by Caroline Juliette


Your Words

I see you there behind glassy eyes
I read your words so beautiful
I hear your voice, whispering in the wind
You echo in my mind
In my thoughts
Your words across the oceans
Reaching in
Taking hold
Of my heartstrings
Gentle heartfelt words
Full of love
Wrapping me up like a blanket
Comforting and soothing me
Keeping me safe
Protecting me
You have always said the sweetest things
You have always been so thoughtful
Even when I couldn’t be
Thank you my friend
For being you
© Caroline Juliette (2013)

Caroline Juliette

Blog – Buttercup’s Bullshit |  www.carolinejuliette.wordpress.com
Twitter – @CarolineD_13


8 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Caroline Juliette

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  2. My dear sweet C … my fellow Nurse buddie … how grateful am I for your friendship… you are one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met! TY so much for being apart of this challenge and your beautiful heartfelt words, I will treasure them forever!

    My love and friendship always Debs xoxo

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