Poetry Challenge by Poetic Passions


Your poetic words across the oceans,
From distant land, beyond the horizon,
Waft across and engage the emotions,
And with warmth, does heart and soul emblazon,
For words so full of loving devotions,
They sing to the soul, in its communion,
Like the summer zephyr, they gently kiss,
Upon the senses, with angelic grace,
Yet enthrall the soul, like an enchantress,
Capturing me, in lyrical embrace,
Tempting out my verse, like a seductress,
Till sensual words, do gently interlace,
And we touch each other, with tenderness,
As our hearts beat to that same rhythmic pace.
© Poetic Passions (2013)

Poetic Passions | Sensual & Erotic Poetry.



4 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by Poetic Passions

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  2. Dearest Mike 🙂 TY so much for being apart of this ‘Poetry Challenge’ and your incredible piece! For ages now I have admired you and your words from afar and it is so lovely to get to know you a little… still wish you’d join Twitter so we could get to know you s’more!?! Love Debs xox

  3. Dear Debs,

    Thank you for your very kind thoughts and words and especially for all your work in hosting this challenge which has inspired such wonderful poetry and for myself has introduced such talented poets, which I hadn’t previously discovered.

    Thanks and love

    Mike xx

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