Poetry Challenge by Thomas J Snow


I remember the first touch
How my tingle skin breathed
I remember the first kiss
Brutal tender and shocking
I remember the first thought
Surrendered beguiled and true
I remember the first breath
You pressed against our tree
And there I stayed
And there you stayed
And there we are kissing still
Though we are parted
Though love has gone
Time flows and calls our souls
Time rages and remembers our hearts
Time roars and touches our dreams
And time is an ocean
And these words a storm
Words across the oceans
Remember. Rest. Remember. Rest.
And we were intended for calmer shores


© Thomas J Snow (2013)



Thomas J Snow

Author – The First Snowfall | Snow Storm | Dark Snow | Snow Play

Blog – The thoughts & feelings of Thomas Snow www.snowglobeman.blogspot.com

Facebook – Thomas Snow

Tumblr – www.snowglobeman.tumblr.com

Wattpad – http://wattpad.com/snowglobeman

Twitter – @snowglobeman


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