Poetry Challenge by SJ Warner



The messages lay
Upon my desk
Words from a love
So far away
Words sent from a
Place so dark
Yet filled with love
And light.
The hope and affection
Bring me to tears
Words across the oceans
Sent from afar.
Each one so personal
So passionate
Hiding the horrors
Giving hope.
A note from man
To his sweetheart
Spread out before me
So much history.
The love that’s poured
Into every word on the
Delicate, browned parchment
Fills my heart.
As he tells
Of his hope for their future
And how he is
Eternally hers.
Words kept with a
Wedding dress
Packed away safe
Hidden from daylight.
Not known about
Until it was too late
To ask questions
Lovers reunited in heaven for
© SW36 2013.
(Pictures and cards owned by my family and I).


# Sal (SW36)


15 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge by SJ Warner

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  2. Dearest Sal ….what a truly treasured gift this is my lovely friend… trascending of time with such love and beauty, made me cry … I love it so much! TY darling for this xoxo

    • Dear Deb,
      Thank you so much, although some of the praise should go to my mum who at the drop of a hat found the postcards out and sent pictures of them to me. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful challenge and for including me. I really enjoyed writing this piece so much.
      Much love,
      Sal xx

      • Aww really …our moms are precious please thank her! They truly are special treasures and I am so honoured that you shared them sweetie via this challenge… the talent and love that has poured through the past two weeks has been just a breath-taking experience… I am so humbled by it!

        Massive hugs and love
        Debs xox

      • I will do Deb, I sent the poem to her just after I sent it to you and she loved it. They most definitely are special treasures and it was a pleasure sharing them with you all. None of it would have happened without you so again…HUGEST THANKS EVER!!!

        Massive hugs and love back
        Sal xox

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