My Review of “Out on Business” by Lisa Fulham


# “Out on Business” is a sexy, hot and romantic read!


Publish Date: 21st July, 2013

Length: 66 Pages

Genre: Fiction

When Lucy Hunt is informed by her boss she will be accompanying him on a weekend long conference; she wonders how she will be able to keep her thoughts on her work. Vivid dreams of all the things she would like to do to Mr Casey have given her many sleepless nights. A weekend in his company sounds like heavenly torture.
Blake Casey is all business and no play. Could his shy and bashful PA be the one to change all that in just a weekend?
When the company goes Out on Business, fantasies are experienced, stockings are worn and suits are torn apart.
Let Casey advertising company give you a pitch you won’t want to forget.


My Review:

This book is a sexy and hot read with elements of beautiful romantic tenderness in it as well. It takes you into a tale of mutual attraction between two work colleagues and the dilemma of whether or not to act on their feelings and desires for each other, especially being between a Boss and his PA.
The Author captures you with her brilliant descriptive writing style – and by the end of the novel couldn’t believe that this was her first novel, she is very talented!  I loved the way storyline unfolds and you get to read what both the characters are thinking and feeling the whole way through. 
Plus I loved the Suits, Nylons and Architecture references….which makes me want to visit some of the places described! I was totally hooked and left wanting s’more please! 😉 



About the Author:

Lisa Fulham is a writer and poet on the journey of life. She feeds her emotions into her words…”Have you ever wondered ‘what if’? I have. Many moons ago I dreamt of writing stories, I let life take hold and soon the dream was forgotten. These days I am living my ‘what if’ and I’d love for you to come along on this bodacious ride we call life.”

She lives in Manchester, UK and her influences are World-wide!

The Author’s Social Media Links:

  • Twitter – @lisa298


4 thoughts on “My Review of “Out on Business” by Lisa Fulham

  1. Reblogged this on lisafulham298 and commented:
    I just want to say a huge thank you to Debs. You have hit everything I wanted the reader to feel and experience. If ever I needed to know that I accomplished what I set out to do, this is the proof. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and to post this amazing review xxxx

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