My Book Review of “Taboo” by PJ Bayliss

# Taboo is a captivating must read!
Publication Date: 25 May, 2013
Length: 107 Pages
Genre: Poetry
Published By: PJ Bayliss


Taboo is a compilation of 365 (English) Haiku’s poems; many of which break or bend traditional rules for producing Haiku poetry. This rule-breaking author has provided numerous examples in his book that will entertain, amuse, and delight the reader to varying degrees. The book is divided into four ‘seasons’ of Love, Passion, Pain, and Sensuality to captivate readers and let them journey into an unravelling world of erotic lovemaking.


My 5-Star Review:
I thoroughly enjoyed the set up and presentation of this Book….and now have a much better understanding of this type of Poetry!
The Author takes this style of Haiku Poetry and makes it his own – creating sensual, erotic and steamy visions along the way….and now I have one to re-read each day of the year!
PJ Bayliss is an amazing and very talent writer! I thoroughly enjoy reading his books, as his words captivate and take you into his Story-telling world which touches, stimulates and inspires you!

News on Future Projects:

  • A Chemical Romance” – A Trilogy of Romance (Release date TBA)
  • Chronicle” – A Diary of Social Media Madness (Release date TBA)




P.J. Bayliss lives within rural New Zealand surrounded by a peaceful countryside setting with native fauna & forestry.

My personal interests include music, painting, poetry, and writing. I refer to various renowned authors and their stories for inspiration, along with encouragement from poets and friends from around the world.

My writing is fictional and fantasy-based Contemporary Romance / Erotica. I’ve been described as a talented eloquent writer by other authors and I’ve self-published a couple of poetry books to satisfy the demand of readers and fans. These books have repeatedly entered the top 10 selling books for each category.

I write Erotica due to the fascination I have with this fast-growing popular culture. From an early age I have always been openly expressive about my sexuality and I wish to produce sensual, classy romance writing that immerses the reader into the action on the page.


The Authors Social Media Links:

  • Twitter@PJBayliss @YrMonAmi
  • Amazon Links for PJ Bayliss books:


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