Ode to Toro…


Ode to Toro:

Hearts are bleeding from you’re news because we love you…
In this short time how you’ve touched us so deep…
Can’t stop thinking of how we should be there with you…
To hold your hand would make it complete!
I sat upon the beach today just staring…
Wondering why and was there something I could do?
Everything that seemed to matter yesterday is nothing
Compared to what you are going through!
So please know that when you feel like you need us
Close your eyes and feel our arms around you tight!
For in our hearts we will be right there with you…
Shining brightly as the days turn into nights.
And there we will continue to hold you…
Until our paths do cross again!
Take care and know that we love you
Our dear and beautiful Friend
xxx Baci
© debradml 2013


6 thoughts on “Ode to Toro…

  1. Touched beyond words.
    Dear D
    I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this beautiful, heartfelt gift of words. Thank you. You humbled me to tears.
    I am fortunate. To live in a country that has the medical resources and a health care plan that has been taking care of me. Unlike so many others who are not as priveleged as I.
    I look at this as not an end but as an awaking to what is out there in the world. People like you who care. Who can stand and make a difference.
    I’ve been touched by many beautiful souls and I can honestly say, I am happy. What tomorrow brings will be dealt with tomorrow. Today I am smiling.
    I think about those who are hurting. Whether from a medical condition or suffering from mental health issues. To those in abusive relationships all men, women and children affected by such. If we as a people can do anything it would be to help those who have a chance.
    I’ve been given a chance, unfortunately it hasn’t panned out for me. It’s not over and will continue this journey with an optimistic open mind.
    I look at another man Mr B Prewitt. And when I see what he has accomplished and continues to do so, raising a family and dealing with PD. His talent lifts the spirit of all by his courage and his strength. It lifts me.
    Thank you again for this.
    I am happy right now.

    Xxkisses and hugs

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